Photo Albums

Title Description
552lrsr_minutes_oct_14_2017 Meeting of Minutes - October 14, 2017
551minutes_april_28 Meeting Minutes of April 28th, 2017
550groomer_lights4 Groomer Lights
546apr_8_minutes Meeting Minutes of April 8th, 2017
545mar_11_2017 Meeting Minutes of March 11th, 2017
544lrsr_pokerderby_poster_2017_1_lr Poker Derby 2017
543012 Trail update
534img_9293 Farewell to Winter - 2016
409img_3837 Farewell to Winter - 2015
400img_4165 Volunteers 2016
399snow_riders_trail_map_2016 Updated Trail/Sponsor Map
383img_4102 Hot Dog Day February 6, 2016
344img_4052 Chili Night January 20, 2016
326img_3827 Snowmobiling fun
318img_3073 Chili night a hot success!
299img_2153 Farewell to Winter Saturday, May 10th, 2014
281img_2117 HOT DOG DAY - FEB 8TH, RUDI'S HUT
270img_1479 2013 Poker Derby
256img_1457 St. Valentine's Day party in Lac du Bonnet St. Valentine's Day party in Lac du Bonnet
226img_1435 Hotdog day a barking success! Hotdog day a barking success!
222trail clearing tin shack Trail clearing to Tin Shack
210volunteers deliver wood to af's shelter Trail clearing on Anson Recently, members of our club cleared fallen trees along Anson Trail between Steve’s and the Anson Junction.
187img_0151 2012 Bud, Spud and Beer Event 2012 Bud, Spud and Beer Event
143img_0110 LRSR's Anniversary Pictures of 25th LRSR's Anniversary
78img_0042 Poker Derby 2012 Poker Derby 2012