Farewell to Winter dinner a hot success!

Nearly 300 people attended the 3rd annual ‘Farewell to Winter’ dinner/dance on Saturday, May 14.

“The night was a complete success,” said LRSR President Brad Wall. “Huge thanks go out to those people who supported this fantastic event. And of course to our directors who helped with the planning and organization. This dinner is a major fundraiser for our club.”

Farewell to Winter was the brainchild of director Wally Greenlay, who unfortunately had to miss the gala bash. He and his wife were off enjoying a milestone wedding anniversary. Directors kept Wally updated via texts and emails.

Pictures of the grand prize winners will be published at a later date.

Lee River Snow Riders Golf Tournament


Have you put together your foursome for our Annual Golf Tournament? Singles and doubles are also welcome.

Date: Saturday, June 11th - 3:00pm - Shotgun Start
Rain Date: Sunday, June 12th

Registration: 2:00pm
Cash only payment
Best Ball format
Pull cart & power cart rental available through Black Bear - Debit/Visa payment accepted

Dinner & Golf - $40 per person
Dinner only - $20 per person
Golf only - $20 per person

Dinner: Will advise after May 18th. If you require a special meal such as vegetarian or gluten free, please mention to Lynne so that your request can be forwarded to the caterer.

Putting competition: At hole #2 immediately after golf game, prior to dinner.

***Would you be interested in sponsoring a prize/novelty event such as closest to the pin, longest drive, putting competition? Please contact Lynne at 204-345-1924 or email at lgeswin@gmail.com Your contribution is appreciated and welcomed.

To register, call or email Lynne - response required by June 4th.

Let's hear from you - this is a fun day!

Tickets now available for "Farewell to Winter"


What better way to celebrate the end of winter than a party! And not just any ordinary party. But, a foot tappin’, good eatin’ banquet with friends and fellow snowmobilers.

The 3rd annual ‘Farwell to Winter’ banquet is fast approaching. Tables of eight can be reserved, which includes two bottles of wine for your enjoyment.

“This event has been sold out the past two seasons,” said LRSR Director Wally Greenlay. “All indications suggest it will be another full house. This banquet is our major fundraiser for the season."

“Support of our membership and their friends is very much appreciated. In order to operate an effective, smooth-running snowmobile club, it requires significant finances.”

Click here to view pictures from last year's event!

For more information about the banquet, or to purchase tickets, you can contact LRSR directors Wally (204-345-8324) or Warren (204-995-7514).

Volunteers lifeblood of our club


Recently, a group of volunteers headed out to cut wood for the warm-up huts to be used along the Lee River Snowriders’ trail system. This particular group was cutting wood just south of Anson Hut.

“It was a fantastic day for the guys,” said LRSR Director Wally Greenlay, who kindly took photos of the event. “Those guys worked very hard. We can’t say enough about the spirit of volunteerism, and how it benefits everyone who rides our trail system. It’s just another example as to why people should buy a membership with our club. Those membership funds are used to put fuel in the work sleds, gas in the chainsaws, help buy chain oil. On a cold night there’s nothing better than to have fire wood for the stove.”

Click here to see more photos of the guys hard at work.

Poker Derby all Aces!


Smooth trails. Great weather. The perfect combination for a fun poker derby. The LRSR annual poker derby was once again a success. The big winner was Jack McLean of La Salle, who earned first place with four Aces. His winning hand earned him $632.

Claude Cormier (Lee River) and Brian Farley (Winnipeg Beach) finished second and third respectively. They both turned in quad 2’s, but Claude’s kicker 7 was higher than Brian’s 5. Their prize money was $379 and $253, respectively.

Prize money was calculated on a formula based on number of participants and expenses.

“The poker derby is another way for our club to generate revenue,” said President Brad Wall. “After paying the expenses, we realized a modest profit of around $1,100. We noticed our participation numbers were lower this year than in previous years. There were a number of conflicting snowmobiling events going on, which likely affected our participation levels.

“But, everyone who did participate said they had a great time; trails were excellent and weather was good. The sledding season overall has been good. Our executive would like to extend a “thank you” to those rider who did contribute to the success of this year’s derby.”

Art Jeanson (Lac du Bonnet) and Juergen Meier (Bird River) rounded out the top five winners with a full house (Queens over Fours) and diamond flush, respectively. They won $50 each.

The 50/50 winner was Darrell Scheirich of Lac du Bonnet. He won $190.

The next big event for the LRSR is the “Farwell to Winter” banquet this spring (May 14) at the Lac du Bonnet community centre.

Snowmobiles Crossing the Winnipeg River near the B

We have received information that many snowmobilers are crossing the Winnipeg River near the bridge north of Lac du Bonnet. Snowmobilers are advised to avoid this area of the river. The ice is very thin and there is open water near the bridge. While this is not a designated Snoman trail, travelling in this area could cause loss of life and property. Avoidance is the best route to take.

Thanks to ticket buyers

The Lee River Snow Riders extend a huge thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket for the SNOMAN raffle. Tickets were distributed and sold by the various snowmobile clubs throughout Manitoba. A portion of the ticket proceeds was directed back to the respective club.

We are proud to announce that LRSR sold a total of 2,480 tickets. Rounding out the top three were Whiteshell Snowmobile Club (2,780 tickets) and South East Sno-Riders (2,680 tickets).

“This is another way for the club to generate revenue which is directed back into club operations,” says LRSR President Brad Wall. “The club is extremely proud of everyone who stepped up and sold tickets.”

Hot Dog Day a Howling Success!


The annual hot dog day at Rudi’s Hut was an overwhelming success. A total of 200 hot dogs were handed out, with everyone leaving with a smile (and some mustard) on their faces.

“A tremendous thanks goes to the directors and volunteers who made this happen,” said President Brad Wall. “Lynne Geswin, Darren Kalinski, Wally Greenlay, Ken Horn, Randy Hyra ... to name but a few.”

In a few days pictures of the event will also be posted for everyone to see.

Photo Album

In the meantime, the annual Poker Derby is fast approaching: February 27. (See poster/details on our site.)

Grooming Report - February 5th

20160123_094856 (2)

Here's the latest up to date grooming report for the Lee River Snow Riders. The volunteer groomer operators have been out every day working some long days so we can enjoy the trails. Here's a little known fact about our trail system. Lee River Snow Riders maintains approximately 220 kilometers of trails. To groom the entire system once the groomer must travel over 500 kilometers during the week. The average speed of the groomer is about 9 kph while grooming. So it takes about 60 hours per week to groom the trails. It makes for some long slow days for the operators!

By Friday afternoon, all trails within the Lee River Snow Riders trail system will be groomed. As of 4:00pm today the only trail left to be groomed is the Ditch Trail # 212 from Trappers to Bird River. The trail from Joyces Shelter to Kings Kookout was groomed with our newly acquired drag and the trail is looking good!

And don't forget that this Saturday is Hot Dog day at Rudi's Shelter from 11:30am to 2:00pm. Free hot dogs for club members! A big thank you to Darren Kalinski for donating the weiners and buns!

And memberships will be available at Rudi's on Saturday. Being a member will keep you informed of the trail conditions by email instead of relying on the SnoMan website which is not usually as informative as our club emails.

And memberships are also available at Trappers and GG's and on line from our website at www.lrsr.ca. Please nudge your neighbour or friend to buy a membership. It's only $25 for a family membership!

Also if you ever wondered how the wood just mysteriously appears at the warm up shelters, just check out the picture and you'll see our hard working volunteers loading sleighs with wood on a weekly basis to keep the wood pile stocked.

Have fun, ride safe and hope to see you on Saturday at Rudi's Shelter!

Lee River Snow Riders

Poole & Nelson definitely not chili in the kitchen


The terrible twosome of Glen Poole and Myles Nelson took home top honours at the recently held annual LRSR Chili Cook-Off. Glenn (left) and Myles, are joined by Sue Reder and Lynne Geswin (right).

More than 100 hungry chili fans showed up at the River Room, located within the Bird River Fire Hall.

"The evening was an over-the-top success," LRSR President Brad Wall said between spoons of chili. "It's events such as this, which shows why we have some a tremendous membership group. Chili nite is one of the most popular events we host."

Proceeds of the evening are directed back into club operations: trail & hut maintenance, and various other activities. Thanks to everyone who supported the evening. And see you next year!

Photo Album

Open house a success


Recently, we held an open house at our groomer shed, showing off our new groomer and answering questions about the operations of the club. Close to 100 people stopped by over the course of the day, checking out both our groomers while enjoying a complimentary hotdog. Clothing items were also sold, in addition to memberships.

Memberships are important to purchase, as the money raised goes directly back into the operation of the club.

In the meantime, our grooming director Theo Vanderzwan says it’s important for all snowmobilers to remember that we need good, thick, clear ice before groomers can go out onto the trails.

“Beaver dams will be a real challenge,” says Theo. “It takes time and very cold weather to freeze the water around these dams. Safety of both the operator and equipment is priority number one. We appreciate that our members want to enjoy the trails and ride their sleds, but it’s important to remember that we have safety standards which must be met before any machinery leaves our shop.”

The recent heavy snowfall has everyone thinking about sledding, but trails are still not open. Riders are also encouraged to think before they ride: especially on the rivers, where open water could prove fatal.

New Snopass plate unveiled


Beginning December 1st, a new high visibility orange licence plate will be issued to Manitoba snowmobilers with the purchase or renewal of a Snopass.

“This new plate will effectively replace the existing Snopass sticker that used to be affixed to the snowmobile’s licence plate,” said Gord Mackintosh, Attorney General and minister responsible for Manitoba Public Insurance.

“This easy to identify plate will make it easier for Conservation officers and other enforcement officials to identify snowmobilers operating on the trail system who have purchased the required Snopass.”

To legally travel on Snoman’s groomed snowmobile trails, snowmobilers require a valid Snopass. Riders operating their snowmobiles on a Snoman trail without one could receive a ticket of nearly $500. Snowmobilers who do not require a Snopass, or choose not to renew their Snopass, will continue to receive the regular, yellow off-road vehicle plate.

The new Snopass plate costs the same as the existing sticker - $150 - and can be purchased at any Autopac outlet throughout the province. This pass is valid for one riding season, and must be renewed yearly. A seven-day Snopass is also available at a cost of $75.50.

“The new Snopass plate was the culmination of collaborative discussions between Snoman Inc., enforcement agencies and our Corporation,” said Ward Keith, vice-president, Business Development & Communications and chief product officer, Manitoba Public Insurance.

“Elimination of the Snopass sticker for full-season users will simplify the process for snowmobilers, while use of the new orange plate will better assist enforcement officers in confirming authorized trail users.”

Based on Manitoba Public Insurance’s staggered renewal system, all Snopass holders will be able to obtain their orange Snopass licence plates before December 1, 2016. Customers will also have the option of transitioning to the new Snopass licence plate sooner if they choose not to wait for their respective insurance reassessment date.

“This is a positive step forward and will help with enforcement on the trail system,” stated Snoman President Alan Butler. “We encourage those who have already received a sticker for this season to visit a MPI location and get the orange plate.”

About Snoman

Snoman (Snowmobilers of Manitoba) Incorporated is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to its member clubs to develop and maintain safe and environmentally responsible snowmobile trails to further the enjoyment of organized recreational snowmobiling throughout Manitoba.

Snoman represents 51 snowmobile clubs, which maintain more than 11,000 kilometres of designated snowmobile trails within the province. More information about Snoman can be found on their website: www.snoman.mb.ca

Snoman specialty plates unveiled

Snowmobile enthusiasts can now purchase a specialty, Snoman licence plate. Details can be found here.

Adopt a shelter

At the General Meeting in September, the club implemented an " Adopt a
Shelter" program. We have five shelters spread out in varying directions on our trail system and for one director to try and keep the shelters in tip top shape is a huge undertaking. One of our Directors,
Myles Nelson, suggested that we try and implement an adoption program for
each of the shelters. This would allow groups of club members to take
"ownership" of the individual shelters to which they would be responsible
for upgrades and minor shelter improvements as required by the group. This will allow each of the shelters to be personalized or customized if the group wants to go the extra step and make it a "trophy" shelter.

The club will supply up to $500 to each of the shelters for materials. And if you have any un-used or slightly used building materials such as deck lumber, even one or two boards, the club would be more than appreciative if want to donate it to our shelter program. One group is hinting on installing a sound system that will allow you to connect your phone or portable mp3 player to the shelter.

Tim Mandzuk and several other volunteers are tackling the front deck and stairs at Joyce's Shelter. If anyone has any decking material, can you
drop it off at the groomer shed or contact Tim at 204-798-0162.

And if you'd like to add your name to one of the shelters, let us know.

Sleds successfully recovered

Icy track

Recently, members of the Lee River SnowRiders assisted in the safe recovery of two stranded snowmobilers. This has been well documented in the mainstream media. But what you don’t know is all the hard work and commitment our members did following the successful rescue of the two sledders.

While recovery operations is not part of our normal duties, club members went beyond the call of duty and went back to recover the two, ice-bound snowmobiles. Hours of hard work and planning went into this recovery.

“Our volunteers were asked if they could recover these sleds,” said LRSR President Brad Wall. “The members, on their own volition, decided to try and recover the sleds. It was dangerous, complicated and extremely difficult.”

The pictures tell the story.

It’s only because of the efforts of the members of the Lee River SnowRiders were these machines recovered. It’s efforts such as this which is another reason to join our club ─ be a member….make a difference!

Volunteers busy at work

Harry on chainsaw

Recently, a group of eight volunteers headed out to Rudi’s Hut to build new stairs and a platform.

The severe cold was hard on their cordless tools but they still managed to get the deck and steps about 99% complete and usable before we lost all battery power. They also added a hand rail along the deck and steps. Everyone worked hard and fast with lots of laughs. It appears that the group was the first into Rudi’s hut this year as they had to break trail to get in there.

Thank you to these volunteers…..who make our trails and huts comfortable and safe.

Thank you to Brian Vrooman

The executive of the LRSR wish to extend a heartfelt “thanks” to long-time member Brian Vrooman (Western Union) for his very generous donation.

Vrooman, who is anxiously waiting for snowmobile season to begin, donated $500 recently for use towards various on-going projects by the club. It’s the second consecutive year that Dave has made a generous donation to the Lee River Snow Riders.

“I can’t thank Brian enough for supporting the club in this way,” said LRSR President Brad Wall. “As the trail pass roughly covers 80 percent of our operating budget, this donation goes a long way to helping the club operate and make ongoing improvements.”

Local businesses nationally recognized

Published in the fall edition of Snoriders, two restaurants in the LRSR’s riding area were recognized under the category of “Favorite Restaurants-Non-Chain MB.

Tourist Hotel Restaurant located in Seven Sisters got Silver & Papertown Motor Inn Restaurant located in Pine Falls got Bronze.

Congratulations to these 2 restaurants as they are both supporters of the Lee River Sno Riders.

Tourist Hotel Restaurant routinely contributes to the Bud & Spud & Papertown advertises in 2 warm up huts.

Thanks to Dave Baleja

The executive of the LRSR wish to extend a heartfelt “thanks” to long-time member Dave Baleja, for his very generous donation.

Baleja, who is a self-admitted snowmobile enthusiast, donated $500 recently for use towards various on-going projects by the club. It’s the second consecutive year that Dave has made a generous donation to the Lee River Snow Riders.

“Dave exemplifies the unselfishness of our membership,” said LRSR President Brad Wall. “Dave contributed financially. Others donate their time and labour. It’s these kind of members which makes our club elite in the province and our trails a real destination point for riders throughout all of Manitoba.”

Thanks to Searcy Trucking Ltd.!

The Lee River Snow Riders extend a huge “thanks” to Darrel Mozil of Searcy Trucking Ltd., who handled the transporting of our new groomer. The groomer was picked up in Montreal by a Searcy truck, which then battled through a raging blizzard and treacherous road conditions. Thanks to the professionalism of the Searcy driver, the groomer arrived on time.

“Darrel arranged for the shipping of the groomer,” said Lee River President Brad Wall. “As a club, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Darrel and Searcy for their assistance. The groomer is now out on the trails, making it a fun ride for everyone.”

Updated Trail/Sponsor Map

An updated trail/sponsor map is now available on our site. Click here to check out trails and destination points.

Generous Donations to Club

The Lee River Snow Rivers extend a heartfelt “thank you” to two individuals who have made recent donations to the Lee River Snow Riders ─ Brian Vrooman of Western Union and Patrick Talbot from Prevail Canada.

Mr. Vrooman donated $500 towards the club. Mr. Vrooman requested that the money be used for improved signing at Anson Shelter and Rudi’s Shelter as well as larger parking areas at both locations for more sleds. Year after year snowmobile traffic is in-creasing and Mr. Vrooman felt that the signing and parking areas needed upgrading and improvements. This will increase the safety of both of the areas as well.
Mr. Vrooman has also volunteered to organize a work party to clear the area at Rudi’s Shelter. Again, thank you Mr.Vrooman and Western Union!

Mr. Talbot from Prevail Canada has donated all of Lee River Snow Riders shop towels, dry wipes and bathroom tissue.

Again we have to thank Mr. Talbot and Prevail Canada for his kind and generous donation. This will save the club money that can be used in other areas of the day to day operations.

Follow Us On Twitter


LRSR is now on twitter. Follow us to receive website updates, current trail conditions, club news, and club events.

2015/2016 Executive And Directors

The executive and directors for the 2015/2016 season are now listed on the website, http://www.lrsr.ca/executives

More to come, check back for updates and info.

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland


Our club offers over 200 kms of safe & secure groomed trails. A $25 Family Membership provides you with 5 newer warm up shelters each equipped with wood stove for both heating and cooking. Shelters are also stocked with split firewood. There are also many family social events planned throughout the year. We offer such events as ladies' and men's weekend get-aways, family winter wiener roasts, Valentine's Dinner, Bud, Spud and Steak night, Golf Tournament as well as a summer family picnic We also host a poker derby where everyone can attend and ride our beautiful trail system.

The trail system, shelters and events are all looked after by volunteers. Our volunteers clear and groom the trails, build, maintain and split wood for the shelters as well as organize and assist with social events. These special people give their time so that we can enjoy our favourite sport. Maintaining these trails and warmup shelters require a lot of work and we are always looking for fresh volunteers and members to help out.

Our club has two main groomers a 2003 BR180, a 2007 ASV Scout with a 7 foot mogul master drag and our newly acquired 2006 Ski Doo Expedition long track and 4 foot drag to help pack the troublesome swamps. This packing will allow snowmobilers to get out on the trails sooner.

If you’re interested in becoming a member or volunteering for our club, please visit our membership section or call anyone of the executive members to find out how.

Good Riding and hope you enjoy our trails.

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